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Privacy Policy Jop

Last updated: “27-04-2020”

In accordance with current Dutch data protection law, Jop hereby informs users of its online platform of the privacy and data protection policy that it will apply when processing personal data voluntarily provided to it by users when visiting the website or the corresponding mobile application. By providing Jop with their personal data through the electronic forms in the application and on the website, users expressly consent to Jop processing such data in accordance with the terms of this privacy and data protection policy and for the purposes set out herein. Users should read this privacy and data protection policy before registering with Jop. By clicking the “register” button, users declare that they have read and expressly agree to this Privacy Policy. When registering, users must provide the following information to create their account and edit their profile: a username, email address, phone number, and their credit card information (if one has a credit card). In addition, and provided that it is authorized by the users, Jop collects data related to their location, including the real-time geographic location of their computer or mobile device. Once they have completed the registration process, all users can access, complete and / or edit their profile as they see fit. Users can also access and create an account through their Facebook profile. The information and data provided by users is available at all times in their user account area and can be modified by them via the “edit profile” option. Users agree to provide real and accurate data. In addition, they are solely responsible for any loss or damage that Jop or third parties may suffer as a result of the information provided being false, inaccurate, outdated or not genuine. The data collected by Jop will only be used to achieve the purpose set out in the platform's General Terms of Use.

  • Laws applicable to users' personal data (protection of personal data).
  • Who is the file manager with regard to the data you provide?
  • What information does Jop collect?
  • For what purpose is the data collected?
  • Does Jop share the information it collects?
  • What rights do users have?
  • How do we protect the information of Jop users?
  • Notifications and changes.

  • Laws Applicable to Users' Personal Information (Personal Information Protection)

Jop declares to adhere to the applicable data protection legislation at all times. Users are informed that the personal data provided on the platform will be processed automatically and will be part of the files belonging to Jop, who will be the file manager for the purposes involved in the management of the users registered with the Jop platform.

Basic data protection information:

  • Identity

JOP. - VAT identification number: NL003184473B18

  • Purpose

Management and delivery of the requested services.

  • Legitimation

Compliance with the contractual relationship, legitimate interest and user consent.

  • Rights

The right to access, rectify and delete data, as well as other rights, as explained in the additional information.

  • Additional information
Additional detailed information on data protection can be found in the following sections.

In accordance with applicable law, we have set out below the Privacy Policy that Jop uses when processing data of the users registered with the platform.

  • Who is the file manager regarding the data you provide?

All personal information is provided or collected through the platform and processed by Jop, whose contact details can be found below as the file manager.

Your data file manager:

  • Identity

JOP. - VAT identification number: NL003184473B18

  • Postal address

De Lairessestraat 41, 1071NS, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

  • Phone number

+ 31681158812

  • Contact form


  • What information does Jop collect?

The Jop platform is used by both users and our suppliers. The information we receive from users is collected as set out below.

A) Information provided directly by users:

  • Registration information: The information provided by users when they create an account on the Jop platform: username, email, phone number and address.
  • User Profile Information: The information added by users to the platform in order to use the Jop service; i.e. their mobile phone number and delivery address. Users can view and edit the personal information in their profile whenever they want. Users can delete the details of the credit cards associated with their account at any time. This will prompt the service provider to delete the information, which must be re-entered or selected to be able to place new orders through the platform. Users can request the privacy policies of such providers at any time.
  • Additional information that users want to share: any information that a user could provide to Jop for other purposes. Examples include a photo of the user or billing address in the case of users who have requested to receive invoices from Jop.
  • Information about communication with Jop: Jop has access to the information provided by users for resolving questions or complaints about the use of the platform, either through the contact form, by email or by phone. li >
  • In specific cases, based on our legitimate interest and based on Jop's obligation to monitor actions that could lead to fraud or the commission of a crime in connection with the payment methods used by the users, Jop would request a a copy of identification and the credit card that was used in their order request. In any case, all data is handled by Jop for the sole purpose of complying with the vigilance and fraud prevention functions and is stored if the relationship with the user remains valid, or even after this period only if the user or Jop still has the right to file a claim or legal action related to payment for the products or services requested through Jop.
  • Jop has to process this data to carry out the established contractual relationship. If a user does not provide this, the requested services may not be available and Jop will not be able to provide them.
  • B) Information provided indirectly by users:
  • Data arising from the use of the platform: Jop collects the data resulting from the use of the platform by users each time they interact with the platform.
  • Application and device information: Jop stores information on the device and application that is used by users to access the services. These data are:

  • The IP address each user uses to connect to the Internet through their computer or mobile phone.
  • Information about his / her computer or mobile phone, such as his / her internet connection, browser type, version and operating system, and device type.
  • The full clickstream of URL, including date and time.
  • User's account information: information about the orders placed by each user, as well as any feedback and / or comments made by that user.
  • The user's browsing history and preferences.

  • Data coming from the user's origin: If a user arrives on the Jop platform through an external source (such as a link from another website or social network), Jop collects data about the source from which the Jop user came.

  • Data arising from incident management: when a user contacts the Jop platform via the contact form or on Jop's phone number, Jop collects the received messages in the format specified by the user uses and can use and store it to manage current or future incidents.

  • Data arising from "cookies": Jop uses its own and external cookies to facilitate browsing by its users and for statistical purposes (see Cookie Policy)

  • Information Coming From External Third Parties: Jop may collect personal data or information from external third parties only if the user authorizes such third parties to share that information with Jop. For example, if a user creates an account through his / her Facebook account, Facebook may provide us with that user's personal information that can be found on his / her Facebook profile (such as name, gender or age).

Similarly, if a user accesses Jop through products and services offered by Google, Google may send the user's browser data to Jop, with access to the platform through the links provided by google. created.

The information provided by the external third party can be controlled by the user in accordance with the third party's own privacy policy.